Competitive Golfers Compete On and Off the Course

Two of the local area’s most popular golfers had been bitter rivals most of their playing careers. They had both competed on the pro circuit at some point during their lives and, ironically, both had settled down back in their hometown after their retirement. Their rivalry attracted the attention of golf fans in the area and they paid close attention to see if things were heating up even more between them. A social media feud started between the two former pro golfers. Eventually, the two decided to face off against each other in a duel to determine once and for all who was the better golfer. The rivalry was scheduled to come to a final meeting at all the golf courses the Ocean Links Golf Course had to offer.

Golf courses

The two local legend golfers decided to play each course and whoever won on more golf courses out of the two would be declared the winner. The only problem was that Ocean Links had four golf courses. The contest could easily be a tie and they did not stop to think about that. After a fierce battle in the first two courses, the two were tied with one victory each. After the two had finished on all four golf courses, they each had scored victory on two of the courses. They decided to break their tie at the driving range and the intrigued crowd that became interested in the feud followed them there.

The golfers declared that each of them would get 10 opportunities to drive the ball and whoever had the farthest drive would win their duel. One dominated by driving the ball further on eight rounds out of 10. However, he would tie the greatest output of his adversary on the final swing. It seemed like it was destiny that these two hometown golfers would forever remain tied in their battle for golf supremacy.

Moved from the golf

Frustrated by their inability to declare a winner, they each made a rash decision and decided to move the competition indoors. The crowd was befuddled as the two golfers packed up their equipment and made a beeline for the casino. The followers trailed them not knowing what to think about the situation. Soon after, the crowd rushed into the casino as the two sat down at one of the poker tables. They told the dealer that this poker game between the two would forever decide the winner between this competition amongst them. Afterwards, they could finally put this feud to rest and move on with their lives.

The game between the two attracted a bevy of interested spectators and the Ocean Links Golf Course soon turned into a madhouse. The casino took center stage as the two battled for over an hour. Soon enough, a winner was declared and the celebration felt like it lasted a lifetime. The crowd quickly dispersed after the end of the card game as they had lost interest in the rivalry. The spectacle might have caused pandemonium, but the Ocean Links Golf Course gained much publicity as the duel made it to the headline of the local sports page.