The Ocean Links Golf Course is a Huge Hit with the Crowd

On the day of the grand opening, the Ocean Links Golf Course had a huge audience of golf lovers waiting to test out each course. After the gates opened, the crowd rushed in to start golfing as soon as possible. The staff feared that the complex might not be able to contain such a large influx of customers.

This was the first day of operations and they feared a catastrophe of anxious customers not being satisfied by their experience. The general manager assigned one employee to survey each of the four golf courses and to report how the crowds looked to him. Another employee was assigned the rest of the complex and they would see how everyone’s experience was going there.

The casino unexpectedly had a huge crowd despite the morning and afternoon scheduled to be filled with nothing but sunshine. It was a rather large casino and the owner thought he was going to regret including so many games inside. There were nearly 100 slot machines and about a dozen poker tables. There were easily 50 people or more inside the casino and it was a festive environment.

Several people had already hit jackpot winnings and it created quite a stir amongst the crowd. The largest reported winnings of the day thus far were approximately $15,000 and customers were trying their hardest to hit the mega winnings. The mega winnings were to be announced at the beginning of each day. If no customer won the mega jackpot, then it would increase by a small margin every day. The mega winnings on the grand opening was set at $25,000 and everyone was desperately trying to get lucky on their slot machine to win the big prize.

Register for the big tournament

There was also a poker tournament to be played the upcoming weekend and customers could sign up at the desk to participate in the qualifying rounds. Once the sign-up process was complete, there were to be qualifying rounds to take place inside the casino. The day of the grand opening featured tons of interested prospects to compete for the grand prize of the poker tournament. The staff set a maximum of 100 people to register for the big tournament and they hit that number before noon of the first day being open. The IT department posted a link on the website of the registered players once 100 people were signed up to compete.

Between the massive golf courses, mega winnings on the slot machines, and the poker tournament, the complex stayed busy the entire day. The Ocean Links Golf Course was scheduled to close at 8pm Sunday thru Thursday. Friday and Saturday the complex would stay open later and would not close the complex completely until midnight. The golf courses and the driving range would still close at 8pm, but the indoor activities would remain open till 12am. This including some of the restaurants, the arcade, and the casino. The most popular juncture at this time turned out to be the casino by a longshot.